Epihpany in Action

Lay minisisty

Our Lay Euchristic Ministers are active in all areas of our worship.

Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild works diligently to set our table for our weekly feast. Our Altar Guild members are Connie Daniels, Linda Barksdale, Loren Taylor and Lorri Roughton 


We encourage all members of our congregation to participate in our celebration.

Ms Lucy's Garden

Garden Epiphany tended by Hugh Brownlee. 

Enjoy the garden in person or follow the seasons at Hugh's blog


Our Choir

Mary Townsend, Dick Barksdale, Randy Traynam, Ann Cox, Graham Duncan and Donna Babineau

Mary Tonwsend, Dick Barksdale,  Ann Cox, Graham Duncan and Donna Babineau.

Our Vestry

 Mark Adams (2016-2018) - Senior Warden,  Ed Taylor (2017-2019) - Junior Warden,  Lorri Roughton (2016-2018),  Loren Taylor (2017-2019)  Skye Wells Todd (2018-2020)   Kara Horner, Treasurer